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We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years. Our clients have too.

And so have workspaces. Today’s offices demand more. More design, more functionality, more appeal. At Optima, we’re delivering glass partitioning systems which meet the toughest specifications head-on. We’re making meeting rooms out of confined spaces. We’re designing creative configurations. We’re making sure that our glass partitions are the most effective sound barriers around.

We invest a lot of time and expertise in acoustics and it’s paying off. The advancements we’ve made have earned us a strong national and international reputation. We’re known as the company that really understands the needs of modern offices, not least those for which privacy and confidentiality are the cornerstone of their operation.

Our partitions are embedded with some of the most advanced sound-proofing technology around. It’s the result of intensive design work by our in-house team of product designers, supported by the independent tests carried out by acousticians at some of the UK’s leading UKAS-accredited sound laboratories.

Testing is a rigorous process and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It all happens within purpose-built chambers under carefully controlled conditions. The glass partition or door sample is placed in a testing aperture which sits between two acoustically isolated rooms – the source room and the receiving room. White noise is transmitted through the partition and data is collected in the receiving chamber.

The product’s airborne sound insulating properties are tested and the results pinpoint acoustic competence. It’s a very accurate process; far more reliable than predictive software products that are available to companies like ours. We know from our tests that factors like peripheral elements of a partition – framework and intermediate glass joints – will have been included in the test outcome. We’re confident, then, that the acoustic performance is being properly and thoroughly measured and recorded before our products are marketed.

This sort of testing doesn’t just happen once. We re-test and adjust our products as part of our commitment to improvement and innovation. Our latest range of glass doors is testament to this. Symmetry, Affinity and Amity offer our best acoustic standards yet. They perform so well because there is no acoustic weak point and that is what really sets these products apart from those of our competitors. Doors have traditionally been the Achilles’ heel in any glass partition. They have always had a negative impact on overall audio performance because it is so difficult to effectively seal a closed door.

Until now. Optima engineers have found a way of minimising the loss of sound insulation to such a degree that our doors are virtually on a par in acoustic performance with our partitions. It’s a real step forward in glass partitioning developments.

This is against the backdrop of our unique, market-leading product design which applies to our entire portfolio of partitions. Our glass fits so neatly within its frame that sound insulation is at its optimum for this sort of structure. Take our Revolution 54 system. Its double glazed structure offers maximum acoustic performance despite its slim-line appearance. That’s because of our investment in ensuring that every aspect of our systems plays its part in making Optima partitions the best acoustic performers there are.



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