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Using acoustic and fire rated office partitions and doors in this eco-friendly London HQ

A charity that invests in driving better healthcare policies deserves a comfortable, dynamic and peaceful working environment. Along with main contractors, BW: Interior Experts and architects, HLW International we worked to give The Health Foundation an office to enjoy for years to come.



Salisbury Square, London

HLW International

BW: Interior Experts

Meeting rooms

Revolution 54 single glazed and double glazed partitions with Edge Affinity doors form a series of stylish meeting rooms. This design cleverly divides the open working space. These meeting rooms are progressive in design and in functionality. The bold black frames work with the style of the office, enhancing the colour theme, which uses earthy tones of brown, grey, and black.

Namely, the visual privacy manifestation bands make these rooms ideal for any confidential meetings. Furthermore, the integration of room booking systems allows users to electronically control access into these meeting rooms. These smart systems offer a great way for employees to control and interact with their workspace. 

The Edge Affinity double glazed doors offer an outstanding acoustic rating of Rw42dB making them perfect for any private meeting. In addition to this, they work seamlessly with the head and base tracks of our Revolution 54. As a result, this partition is eye-catching and works well with its surroundings, creating a professional, attractive working environment.

Fire rated office partitions

Currently, the Technishield 65 screen looks amazing next to The Health Foundation’s living green wall. A wall created with greenery and foliage. Equally, The Technishield black frame effectively contrasts the bright green wall making a visually attractive area boasting imagination in design as well as fire safety.

Equally important, the fire rated Technishield 65 screens and doors are top of the range in performance, providing as standard, 30 minutes integrity and insulation. This proves perfect as an extra line of defence against heat and fire. The Technishield screen is installed above the stairs following the shape of the space. Specifically, the Technishield 65 with a right angle, responds to the dimensions of the room, matching the shape yet never compromising safety.

Fire rated doors

Likewise, doors are also part of the Technishield range. A Technishield 65 double door set has been installed into the kitchen area. These are state-of-the-art doors providing 30 mins integrity and insulation against fire and heat. 

Moreover, the black frames of our Technishield 65 double door set work with the shades of grey, as well as the timber flooring in the kitchen and social area. 

In conclusion

Best of all, this is a project that was rewarding and has given us an opportunity not only to add to the style of the offices but to add an additional element of safety. Finally. The Health Foundation can enjoy its stunning fit out, boasting imagination and a range of state-of-the-art partitions.


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