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Previously considered the forgotten pollutant, noise pollution is an annoyance that can have a negative impact on your health. Whether it is at home, the office or even in a place of learning, noise can negatively affect productivity and our overall well-being. Noise pollution not only impacts on teaching and learning, but it can cause voice strain, hearing issues and stress-related illnesses. Glass partitions offer impressive acoustic performance, creating comfortable and effective educational environments.

What acoustic features do you need to think about when it comes to creating the optimum learning environment?

Knowing your acoustic needs

The move towards more open plan environments has also had a direct impact on acoustics in schools and universities. As educational spaces continue to change, the need for flexible spaces is more important than ever. However, these modern adaptable spaces should still offer the correct acoustic protection to suit the needs of students. It is important when designing an educational project that proper consideration is taken with regards to the acoustic requirements of a space. When designing an educational fit-out it is important to assess any acoustic requirements to ensure a project that is fit for purpose.

The Building Regulations incorporates the Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) which provides design guidance for acoustics in new schools. It gives a calculation methodology for the material dividing space to ensure each educational space meets the required acoustic performance.

The acoustic effectiveness of glass partitions

Glass partitions are frequently used in classrooms, lecture halls and private study rooms because of their ability to provide high levels of sound insulation whilst at the same time offering creative and stylish design features. Therefore, the acoustic effectiveness of glass partitions has become a key factor in noise reduction in educational environments. Comfortable acoustics can make an educational environment more effective and play an important role in both student and staff well-being. The manufacturer should obtain credible test data to demonstrate that the specified system meets the required acoustic performance.

The need for effective acoustics in schools and universities has never been more important. Glass partitions offer a high performing acoustic solution, designed to create effective and comfortable educational spaces. Well designed acoustic teaching spaces enhance the learning experience and contribute to improving occupant health and well-being.

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